Texturline Decorative Paints continues to add innovative products to its family of products. The new products include Urban Paint (pictured above) and the addition of a high-end self-priming furniture paint to its Cottage Paint product line. Here are descriptions of the products:


Urban Paint
This environmentally friendly product is formulated with the most advanced technologies available in the paint industry. It is a hybrid emulsion that is a combination of water and soy oil. Urban Paint offers the best of both worlds—the beautiful self leveling, great adhesion and superior surface strength found in oil-based paints combined with the low odor and ease of water clean-up found in water-based paints. This emulsion also can be used both inside and out. It truly is the "The Perfect Paint." Additional information is available at www.urbanpaintproducts.com.




Cottage Paint
Cottage Paint is a clay-based/chalk/mineral painting system that allows you to do furniture distressing the easy way. Cottage Paint, which is self-priming and offered in a range of colors, is unique in the category of shabby chic paint. The paint requires no sanding, priming or stripping—just apply to a clean surface. It dries to a silky matte finish, remaining porous and easy to sand or wet-distress as soon as it is dry by using a damp cloth or fine sandpaper.

New in the line is Serenity, a high-end self-priming paint for furniture that is more chic than shabby. It is ideal for repainting kitchen cupboards leaving a smooth hard-wearing surface over melamine and wood. Serenity comes in 50 basic colors of Cottage Paint, but paint stores can provide you with unlimited custom colors. These paints come with a complete range of accessories and sealers as well as texturing and transfer mediums, giving you the convenience of one-stop shopping. Additional information is available at www.cottagepaint.com.

Texturline Decorative Products
Texturline's mantra is "lead and innovate" with plasters, paints and glazes conforming to all the latest environmental standards. As the importer for Stucco Italiano products, Texturline sells to both Canada and the United States offering the original lime-based plaster products based on historic and traditional recipes. Additional information is available at www.stuccoitalianocanada.com.