Paint Décor Expo/Concrete Décor
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Sunny San Diego

Below are some of the details of this year’s Paint Décor Expo and Concrete Décor Show, which will combine for the first time in San Diego this fall.

IDAL President Glenda Mosley notes that the location is perfect for dovetailing into a longer vacation. “Many IDAL members are bringing their families and staying for a time before or after the event,” she says, adding, “Who wouldn’t want to be in sunny San Diego?”

For full details of Paint Décor Expo, click here; for Concrete Décor Expo, click here. (See related Focus on Faux main article, "Something Old, Something New.")

Location: Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 93208

Education: Sept. 25-29

Exhibits: Sept. 27-29

Exhibit Hall Hours (subject to change): Tuesday, Sept. 27, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday, Sept. 28, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday, Sept 29, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Listing of IDAL Workshops and Presenters:

• Creating the Beauty of Bas-Relief, Ellie Ellis
• Maximized Design: Metals, Magic and More, Donna Phelps
• Creating Original Designs, Francisco Andre Martinez
• Atmosphere in Landscape for Mural Painters, Andy Eccleshall
• Modern American Country Cabinets and Walls, Rebecca Slaton
• The Modern Romantic Style-Wall Finishes with a Twist of Painted Paper Countertops, Kelly S. King
• Cloud Painting for Murals, Andy Eccleshall
• Mid-Century Modern, Gary Lord
• The New Bohemian Walls and Cabinets, Rebecca Slaton
• Project Planning for Creative Brains, Crista Cloutier
• Cabinet Master 2016, Henri Menendez
• Metallics and Foils, Gary Lord
• Glass Bead Bonanza for Walls, Floors and More, Sue Scott
• The Art of the Focal Wall, Kathy Wear
• The Faux Team’s Great 8, Chris Burke and Henri Menendez
• Reactive Art, Ali Kay
• A New Take on Portraits, Ali Kay
• Urban to Suburban—Adventures in Metropolis, Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra
• Plaster Mastery: Perfecting the Application of Lime Plaster, Eli Lucero
• Rustic Luxe, Robin Belisle
• Introduction to Classic Fresco Painting & Sgraffito, iLia Anossov
• Designed to Sell, Ed Mattingly and Pat Ganino
• Timeless Cabinets and Furniture, Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra
• Mica Revolution—New Mica Concepts for Business, Diane Corso
• French Palette Art, Robin Belisle

Listing of Concrete Décor Show Seminars and Presenters:

Business Strategies
• How to Improve Safety on the Job from Start to Finish, Phu Nguyen
• Protecting Your Techniques, Your Brand and Your Design, Chen Wang and Sarah Knight
• Emerging Trends in Decorative Concrete, Chris Sullivan

• Selecting Sealers for Decorative Concrete, Chris Sullivan
• High-Performance Coatings for Industrial and Decorative Concrete, Steven Reinstadtler

Countertops & Cast Concrete
• Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating GFRC, Jeffrey Girard

Hardscaping & Vertical Applications
Courses coming soon

Maintenance & Repair
Courses coming soon

New Concrete
• Integral Color Best Practices, Rich Cofoid
• Resolving the Interface Between Concrete and Flooring, Mike Tracy

Overlays & Toppings
• It's Game On for Concrete Overlays, Mark Haen

Polishing & Grinding
• Polished Concrete Maintenance: Myths, Realty and Best Practices, David Stephenson
• Concrete Placement for Polished Concrete Floors, David Stephenson
• Polishing 101 and Polishing 201, Adrian Henry
• Polished Perspectives: Everything by the Densifier, Pete Wagner

Staining & Coloring
• Troubleshooting Acid Stain for Concrete, Federico Jasso
• Beyond the Basics: Color, Artistry and Technique, Shellie Rigsby Cordell and Clark Branum

Stamping & Texturing
• Stamped Concrete: Tips, Tricks and Trends that Ensure Profitability, Tom Ralston

Listing of Concrete Décor Show Workshops and Presenters:
(Workshops tie into the Bannister House makeover)

• Stamped Overlays for Public Spaces, Julio Hallack
• Countertop Fabrication from Start to Finish, Del Turley
• Creating Outdoor Elegance with Concrete Stains, Rick Lobdell

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