Trend #4: Looking Beyond the Wall

Furniture piece transformed using Modern Masters Inc. Metallic Paint. Project by: Southern Inspiration.

The most successful decorative finishers have discovered that the key to keeping a fully booked calendar requires thinking beyond the wall and identifying other surfaces that could use an artistic touch.

“Alternate surfaces are a hot topic,” say Rebecca Spurlock and Jeff Krapfl, marketing director and director of operations respectively at Crescent Bronze Inc. “Artisans are busily painting furniture, creating one-of-a-kind works of art, producing decorative concrete and putting down visually compelling flooring. While interior architectural work continues to be the mainstay of many decorative artists, an increasing number of artisans are bringing signature style to a variety of surfaces.”

Garay of Modern Masters likewise sees other surfaces as an important direction for decorative finishers to pursue. “Repurposing solid, beautiful furniture pieces to fit any design scheme is huge right now. Complementing these services with wall, floor and ceiling surfaces can provide additional opportunities with clients.”

Sandor-VanHouten of Faux Effects identifies a resurgence of cabinet and furniture refinishing, which she describes as “taking something old and putting a new twist on it with classical true craftsman finishes or taking it to a shabby-chic look rather than just buying something new.”

Concurrent with this trend, Sandor-VanHouten identifies Old World Finishing Paint™ from Faux Effects as a must for every finisher. “This product gives the applicator a wide variety of finish options in comparison to many of the DIY ‘chalky’ products currently in the marketplace … Of course, our original furniture products, such as Stain & Seal™ and FauxCreme® Color Concentrates also never disappoint when it comes to cabinet and furniture refinishing and restoration. These products are in demand and widely used in some of the most historical places in the United States.”

Sculptor Don Frost used Crescent Bronze metallics to create this piece. Title: Latest Creations. Website:

Lord of Prismatic Painting Studio affirms that furniture and cabinetry makeovers have become a large part of today’s decorative painter workload. “Consumers enjoy the huge cost savings by repainting these surfaces,” he says. “Plus, they are recycling instead of throwing out and buying new.”

Spurlock and Krapfl report that the metallics produced by their company are often the products of choice for artisans who produce works of art. “Sculptors and painters alike gravitate to working with metallic finishes while re-defining contemporary style,” they say, citing two such artists: Canadian sculptor Don Frost and New England-based artist Rebecca Thompson of Petta Thompson Studios in Oakville, Conn. “Don Frost’s brilliant works capture the power and fluidity of metallics and grace a host of contemporary settings from Canada to Saudi Arabia. Rebecca Thompson produces superlative work in multiple mediums, creating metallics-inspired paintings, wall coverings and more.

Rebecca Thompson used Crescent Bronze Metallics to create this piece of art. Title: Silver Field (57" by 57"/Oil on Canvas). Website: