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About Eddie Manzanares

Eddie Manzanares
Designs by Edwina


Growing up in New Mexico and living now in Colorado, Eddie has been surrounded all of her life by Western beauty, Native American and Hispanic art and artists within her own family. Eddie trained and worked with Nancy Chew who not only taught her a wide range of decorative art skills but "old-school" lessons about the value of impeccable surface preparation and how to custom-mix colors. To her clients, Eddie not only brings this wealth of knowledge and experience but also an interior design background that takes her business to a whole new level. It's no wonder, then, that so many of Eddie's projects start out small and snowball quickly into something bigger, as is evident in this portfolio of work. Here are photos from a recent project in which Eddie from the drywall stage onward turned a new home construction into an authentic-looking Spanish Colonial. Additional photos and a description of the project can be found under the project article, "Eddie's Expanding Spanish Colonial."