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Wallpaper that Wows
The Benefits of Wallpaper

Nothing makes a statement like wallpaper. Since Oprah announced on her television show that “wallpaper is back” and Time Magazine called wallpaper “hip” and the “latest passion” of interior designers, plain walls seem a bit boring.—By Jennifer Black

To Grandmother's House (Mid-Century Modern) House We Go!

Wallpapers From Brewster Home Fashions bridge the generation gap as millennial trendsetters reinvent their grandparents’ Space Age aesthetic.

Power from the Flower

Florals on the fashion runway looked powerful yet feminine this autumn. York Wallcoverings also gives power to the flower, with wallpapers rendered in dark, dramatic hues.


Wallpaper for Tots—Royals or Not

William and Kate's new baby is getting plenty of media attention, but your own little bundle of joy is the center of attention in your household. Your baby may not be royal by birth, but your little prince or princess can still live in regal surroundings, thanks to the selections from York Wallcoverings' Peek-a-boo collection.

Archival Inspiration at York

The archive at York Wallcoverings provides the company's VP of Design Ronald Redding with endless inspiration for creating classic and sophisticated patterns.

Grownup Wallpaper for the Sandbox Set

The story of children’s décor has been re-spun by the designers at York Wallcoverings to tell the true tale of today’s sandbox set: Good taste starts early.

Wall Decor Shops Identifies Easy and Affordable Room Makeovers

Wall Decor Shops, the leading Internet retailer of wall decor, identifies easy and affordable ways to redecorate an entire room. Offerings includes exclusive, full-room kits and suggestions on how to easily coordinate a room’s theme with leading brands WallPops and Trendy Peas.

Repositionable Wallpaper Adds Drama

Whether you are looking to transform an entire room or create an accent wall as a dramatic focal point, repositionable wallpaper from Murals Your Way allows you to add personality to your home—and change it at will.

Walt Disney Signature Collection

Add Disney magic to your walls with these beautiful wallcovering selections from York Wallcoverings' second Walt Disney Signature collection.

The Look of Love

Living in a Heart-Shaped World

Valentine's Day is on the way, so what more appropriate time to look at the way passionate themes (hearts, roses and kisses) can warm up your decor?

Kenneth James: Traditional—With a Twist

Orange on gold foil. "On-trend" colors like indigo and navy. Special effects like beads, sand finishes, glitter, compact metallic inks, velvet flocking, suedes, gels and more. It's all part of "traditional with twist," the focus of the Kenneth James Brand, the premium wallpaper brand of Brewster Home Fashions.

Paintable Wallpaper: The Best of Both Worlds

paintable wallpaperPaint or wallpaper? Actually, it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” proposition. With paintable wallpaper, you get the advantages of both products—the customization of choosing your own wall color combined with the pattern, texture and ability to mask surface imperfections that wallpaper provides.

Putting the Kitsch in Kitchens

Kitchens don't have to feel as stressful as an episode of "Iron Chef." They can be as happy as any other room in the house, suggests York Wallcoverings which has put the fun back in kitchens with its new “Bistro 750” collection.

Wallpaper Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

alt Animal prints and skins have been all the rage on Fall fashion runway shows—and these looks also can add allure to your walls. Courtesy of the Wallcoverings Association, take a look at six great animal looks that can transform your home décor into something wild.

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