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Our Lastest Decorating Tip
Decorating in Black and White

Not everything in life is "black and white," as they say. But sometimes the two extremes make a lot of sense, especially when they're used together in a decorating scheme. Click on for some of the latest black and white wallpapers and a surprise or two, to boot!

Ready for the Holidays? Here are Some Last-Minute Tips

Kathy Bertone, author of The Art of the Visit, offers a few timely tips to make sure your holiday hosting and entertaining activities go off without a hitch. — by Kathy Bertone, author of The Art of the Visit

Scare Up A Great Halloween-Themed Wreath

Oct. 4, 2012

Make beautiful Halloween or seasonal wreaths with lightweight materials such as Styrofoam rings or ceiling medallions from the folks at Fypon.

Where Different Paint Sheen Levels Are Most at Home

Aug. 27, 2012

When it comes to selecting an interior paint for your home, there’s more to consider than quality and color. Most paints come in a variety of sheen levels—as many as six, depending upon the brand—and some are better suited for certain rooms than for others ...

Outdoor Living Made Easy

July 2, 2012

Outdoor living may be one of the hottest trends in home décor, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to extend your home decorating outside. A can of paint and a little imagination can do the trick!

Should You DIY or Hire a Pro?

May 30, 2012

NARI offers advice on deciding how to tackle projects during Home Improvement Month

As May, which is National Home Improvement Month, winds down, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) shares advice with homeowners before they tackle their spring projects—namely, whether to do-it-yourself (DIY) or hire a professional during the busy remodeling season.

According to a consumer poll from, the largest determining factor for deciding to DIY or hire a professional was cost, at 40 percent. Thirty percent of respondents placed project type and know-how as the second most important factor, and level of difficulty was close behind at 25 percent. Safety and length of time required to complete the project were last, with 2 and 3 percent respectively.

Garage Floors Can Feature More than Dirt and Grime

May 24, 2012

Probably the top neglected spot in the house is the garage floor.

A constant collector of dirt, grease, pebbles and other debris, it isn't a place that many people give much thought to improving. But a painted garage floor not only looks better but also functions better, too, by allowing you to easily sweep and hose out the unwanted mess that accumulates there.

Of course, coating a garage floor takes a special product, since the floor must hold up to a lot of foot and tire traffic. Hot tire pick-up is a constant threat to a painted garage floor and requires a special coating that can handle the constant pulling-in and pulling-out of cars and other vehicles.

How-to-Paint Videos Offer Tips from Pros

March 3, 2012

Need help selecting colors, touching up walls, painting the "fifth wall," otherwise known as the ceiling? Don't despair! Dunn-Edwards Paints has a video for you.

For those planning to hire a painting contractor, they’ll find topics like How to Choose Paint Colors, Selecting the Right Gloss and How to Care for Your Painted Walls & Touching-up to be helpful.  And, for the do-it-yourselfers, they can learn secrets from the pros from the videos like Prepping a Room for Painting, How to Paint a Ceiling and How to Paint Moldings & Trim videos.

Reducing Leftover Paint

Dec. 3, 2011

Waste not, want not. In the case of the paint purchased for use in households across America, there is, in fact, a lot of waste occurring. It is estimated that more than 10 percent of the 750 million gallons of architectural paint sold annually goes unused.

The Product Stewardship Institute, a non-profit organization that is concerned with the life cycle of consumer products, reports that leftover paint has resulted in an estimated post-consumer management cost of half-a-billion dollars per year. This has created a major financial burden for municipalities, which have had to grapple with collecting and disposing of this paint.

However, the recent passage of post-consumer paint management laws in states such as Oregon and California is intended to alleviate that burden for government and put it in the hands of the paint industry and, ultimately, the paint consumer with the implementation of paint recovery fees built into the purchase price of newly purchased paint.

What can you do to reduce this burden? First of all, purchase only the paint that you are going to use. This will entail measuring your room so that you can determine how much paint you need, based on the square-foot coverage listed on the label. If you are still unsure, the personnel at your local paint store will be able to help you determine how much paint you need, based on the dimensions as well as the hide and coverage of the paint.

Kids' Rooms With Growth Potential

Nov. 11, 2011

It's not easy decorating children's rooms; their developmental stages and interests change as quickly as the season. Just as soon as you've settled on ballerina wallpaper, your "little" one will move on to loving Justin Bieber. As soon as the Justin Bieber posters are place, she'll tell you that she wants her room to be 1960s retro ...

Rather than waste energy, funds and other resources with a major redecorating project every few years, simply use affordable, adaptive or easy-to-swap items in children’s rooms.

Here are four creative suggestions to keep décor current, from Paula Berberian, creative services manager for Brewster Home Fashions.

Tips for Removing Wallpaper

Nov. 7, 2011

Say the words "wallpaper removal," and you will send a shiver up the spine of even the most ardent do-it-yourselfer. Removing wallpaper is a bit like Forest Gump's box of chocolates. Until you start the process, you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes wallpaper removal is relatively easy. Sometimes it's tough, and sometimes it's VERY tough.

Here are some suggestions for how to get the wallpaper off the wall.

Be Safe at the Window


Oct. 4, 2011

The designation of October as National Window Covering Safety Month is an annual effort to raise awareness about the potential strangulation danger of dangling window covering cords. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) have joined forces in this effort to make parents aware of the need to maximize window-cord safety when young children are present.

The CPSC has identified window coverings with cords as one of the top five hidden hazards in the home, citing the fact that more than 200 infants and young children have died from accidental strangulation in window cords since 1990. In recent years, the CPSC has recalled more than 5 million window coverings, including Roman shades, roller and roll-up blinds, vertical and horizontal blinds.

Making a Transition to Fall Décor

Sept. 26, 2011

Fall, in all of its colorful glory, is upon us. As Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute, suggests in an article entitled "Seasonal Decorating," found elsewhere on Your Decorating Resource,  it's easy to make the decorating transition from summer to autumn.

Here are some of her ideas, and a few more, to help you fall into fall:

The Art of Decoupage

altAug. 5, 2011

In the previous column, we discussed ways to creatively‒and inexpensively‒use some of the amazing new wallpapers on the market. Among the tips? Use wallpaper to create artistic panels or to jazz up accessories. Or frame sections of a paper or coordinating pattern to create art.

Certainly of the more creative ways to introduce wallpaper into a room is through decoupage. An age-old technique that was especially popular in the 1960s and '70s, decoupage is making a comeback particularly in arts-and-crafts circles. But you don't have to be "artsy" to create a stunning decoupage effect.

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