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Spiral Cone Legs: Smart Support

When Lance Stephenson agreed back in the late 1990s to help

his niece with a science fair project, he unknowingly created

not one but two inventions: a launching chamber for a

water bottle rocket as well as Spiral Cone Legs,

an innovative alternative to the traditional table leg.

Decorating Kids’ Rooms Is Child’s Play

Dulux Paints presents five fail-proof tips for enlivening your kids' decorating project with the perfect color scheme to suit their unique personalities.

The Benefits of Wallpaper

Nothing makes a statement like wallpaper. Since Oprah announced on her television show that “wallpaper is back” and Time Magazine called wallpaper “hip” and the “latest passion” of interior designers, plain walls seem a bit boring.—By Jennifer Black

Faux Retreat: Worthy of an Encore

For many decorative painting artisans, attending a Faux Retreat hosted by Kathy Boyd is a lot like eating a Lay’s potato chip. They can’t just stop at one.

Read the Article in "Your Faux Resource."

Color Goes Colonial

Benjamin Moore, one of North America’s most respected paint manufacturers and color authorities, has joined with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s WILLIAMSBURG brand to launch The WILLIAMSBURG® Color Collection by Benjamin Moore, an assortment of paint colors authentically rooted in the history of the United States and its founding.



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