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Natural Wallcovering is a Green Choice

Cozy, comfortable, quiet—and natural. Those are the qualities of a unique "green" wallcovering from JaDecor, a German-based company that offers its products here in the United States. This natural wallcovering consists of a patented mixture of natural fibers and minerals in a high-density composition that is troweled on the wall.

The certified-natural Sajade wallcovering from JaDecor features a selection of many rich, natural colors and blended effects to add beauty to interior surfaces. The exclusive natural-fiber blend consists of cotton, plant fibers, textiles and minerals. This material is mixed with water, then applied in a single spreadable application without waste or residue, adding to the environmentally friendly nature of the product.


Cotton is the key ingredient, since it fully releases its natural characteristics when dispersed with water and, in combination with the other natural materials, provides a number of unique and desirable qualities. It is acoustic, thermal, breathable, easily repairable, dirt-resistant, durable as well as Class A fire-rated, creating the perfect combination of form and function for both commercial and residential settings. It's a great product for humid areas, making fogged windows and mirrors a thing of the past thanks to the product's unique ability to regulate humidity in the air based on its special combination of a dense, closely interlinked natural fiber structure.

Also available from JaDecor is a new product, SiJaDe, a non-combustible product that has all the aesthetic, sound-insulating and durability qualities of the other JaDecor wallcoverings in a high-temperature-resistant fiber fabric that withstands heat of up to 900 degrees.


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