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Green Decorating
Unearthed Paints: Natural & Artistic

Unearthed Paints, a fresh new natural paint company headquartered in Louisville, Colo., brings a new vision and sustainable reinterpretations to the paint industry with its exclusive selection of eco-friendly paints.

Green Paint Just Got Greener

Making its "green" paint greener yet, Dunn-Edwards® has launched zero-VOC colorants, which eliminate a significant source of added volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint.

Eco-Friendly Housewares from Kenya

A Kenyan company creates beautiful tabletop products from recycled materials, benefiting not only the people who buy the products but also the company's employees and underprivileged children.

Design That Is Fresh, Modern and PURE

Furnishings That Fit Into 'Green' Lifestyles

Samantha Cobos, founder of PURE Inspired Design, creates beautiful home décor products built with the environment in mind.

Is it Retro? Modern? Or Just Fabulous?

Kurt Lenard, founder of 31 and Change Furniture Co. in Brooklyn, N.Y., combines repurposed items and modern aesthetics to create one-of-a-kind furnishings that are both artistic and functional. by Tammy Adamson-McMullen

Natural Wallcovering is a Green Choice

Cozy, comfortable, quiet—and natural. Those are the qualities of a unique "green" wallcovering from JaDecor, a German-based company that offers its products here in the United States. This natural wallcovering consists of a patented mixture of natural fibers and minerals in a high-density composition that is troweled on the wall.

Color & Design With an Environmental Promise

Looking for a better solution for their fellow painters and decorative artisans, Virginia Young and Janie Lowe worked with chemists to develop a paint formula that offered high-quality performance but without the chemicals found in traditional paints. This is how YOLO Colorhouse was born.



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