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Guests Coming for a Holiday Visit? Let’s Start in the Bedroom!

Before out-of-town visitors ring your doorbell this holiday season, take a serious look at your guest bedroom accommodations to ensure the perfect stay. — by Kathy Bertone, author of The Art of the Visit

The Election's Impact on Home Decorating

You might not be inclined to paint your home Republican red or Democratic blue, but color and design experts say there's no doubt that the just-concluded presidential election has had an impact on home decorating. by Tammy Adamson-McMullen

Sico Reveals Techno Influences to 2013 Color Trends

The technology that permeates our lives has given rise to a spectacular color palette from Canadian paint brand Sico® for 2013, with selections ranging from vibrant and upbeat to calm and soothing.

Prettiest Painted Places from PQI

Contest nominees in PQI's "Prettiest Painted Places in America" know how to paint the town red ... as well as green, blue, purple and a host of other gorgeous colors, too.

Best of British Decor

With the London-based Olympics recently ended, all things British are all the rage.

The Royal Wedding and the Queen's Jubilee sparked a craze for British fashion that hasn't been seen since the 1960s. YDR has followed the trends of the past year and reported on the latest Brit-inspired furnishings. Here are some of our favorites.

Dress Up Your Desk This School Season

With summer’s fun-filled days flying by, it’s almost time to gear up for the school season. While the thought of heading back indoors might not be too appealing right now, consider personalizing your study space so you can look forward to the time you'll spend there.

Let Your Home Office Work for You

Want to increase productivity? Get to work ... on painting your home office. The choice of color for your office can help you be more efficient, says Canadian Paint brand CIL Paints.

Honed Marble & Other Stones Are 'Tops'

It's hard to beat natural stone countertops. Granite and quartz are popular but not the only choices. (Who knew Mother Nature had so many options?)

Stress Affects the Paint on Our Homes

Who among us hasn’t complained at one time or another about the stress we’re under? Yet our homes suffer silently in the face of constant stress.

London Calling As Olympics Get Under Way

The Olympics are here, and all eyes are turning to London. If you are an Anglophile, there are plenty of opportunities to dress your home in decor that reflects your passion for all things British.

Mirrors That Add Ambiance

Mirror, Mirror on My Wall ...

Mirrors in home decorating are popular like never before–and not just because there's a new movie that calls them to mind. Check out some of the newest styles and colors available.


Putting Towels to the Test

Tired of purchasing towels that quickly fray, grow thin and lose their color? A new website offers tools, such as absorbency test results and free swatches, to reduce buyers' remorse.

Color Cares Update: Spreading Happiness in 2012

Color Cares, the nonprofit dedicated to offering paint makeovers to those in need of a new beginning, is moving forward in 2012 to change people's lives.

Floored by Flooring

If you were lucky enough to attend the 24th annual Domotex Show from Jan. 14 to 17 in Hanover, Germany, you were treated to a viewing of the latest decorating products emerging on the market, including all types of flooring. Read on to see what to expect in 2012.

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