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7 Reasons To Love Metallics


(Article courtesy of The Wallcoverings Association)

One of the most popular looks for walls, furniture and accessories is the look of metallics. Here are seven reasons to love metallics.

Mix Masters

Is it gold, silver—or both? Designers often mix metallic hues together, calling the new amorphous colors “gliver” and “glint.” Moire from Arte plays it both ways: appearing all shimmery gold from some angles and mysteriously moody silver from others.

Moiré in Deep Gold (64044), from Carapace by Arte, an acetate Lurex fabric on a breathable, environmentally-friendly, non-woven paper, $450.00 per lineal yard, width is 52.75 inches.

Also available in Platinum (64040); Copper (64041); Oxide Gold (64042); and Steel (64043).

(Click the pages below for six additional great metallic looks.)


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