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Take Dorm Room from Drab to Fab

Dorm rooms start out as four blank walls. For college students who want to make these impersonal spaces a reflection of their own style and personality, there are many innovative options beyond posters and wall tapestries. Paula Berberian, Creative Services Manager for Brewster Home Fashions, offers the following tips for easy-to-achieve style and sophistication using the company's WallPops premier line of peel-and-stick wall art.

Express Yourself

Even if a dorm room is only your temporary home-away-from home, you can still easily make it your own by adding a favorite quote or the ideal statement piece, personalized wall art. WallPops offers Wall Words with quotes and inspirational words to display on walls. Kits are provided on sheets with all components and include “All You Need is Love” and “Dream,” among others.

Additionally, create a design all your own with WallPops be-your-own-decorator basics including 13-inch circles (Dots), 13-inch squares (Blox), 6-1/2 inch by 16-foot continuous rolls (Stripes) and die-cut shapes available in more than 60 solid colors and designs. Most can be cut to customized shapes and sizes to personalize your look.

Designs can be simple or elaborate, Stripes can be used to outline a dorm window or to line an entire wall from floor to ceiling. Blox can be placed to create a checkerboard or rotated, so it’s a diamond instead of a square, to create large-scale geometric patterns, such as an alternating black and white Deco-esque design. Options are limitless and all your own. Wall Words are approximately $15.99 each and Dots, Blox and Stripes are approximately $12.99 each.

Play With Lights

Dorm room lighting is normally drab and bleak. Take the initiative to improve your surroundings and buy floor or desk lamps to create a more homey living space. Also, to add some glamour, try a chandelier. WallPops offers the sparkling pendants in three different styles from classic to modern. All are available for approximately $29.99 each. Among the styles as Cupid, five rows of pink hearts and beads falling 20-3/4 inches; Icicles, small silver reflective squares dangling 29-1/2 inches; and Posh, five tiers of mod-shaped silver ovals hanging 33-1/2 inches.

Instant Update With Wall Art

WallPops offers a variety of Wall Art Kits that provide a quick and simple decorating solution. Kits come on sheets with all the components included. New introductions include small Wall Art Kits, ideal for tight spaces, and large Wall Art Kits to easily complete a room. WallPops large Wall Art Kits are approximately $29.99 each and small are approximately $15.99 each.

Small Wall Art Kits range from such diverse designs as Dandelion, three large black-and-white dandelions; Give a Hoot, three retro owls, also in black and white; Keys to My Heart, three black antique keys; and London Calling, London's cityscape with an outline of the London Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben and other famous attractions.

Large Wall Art Kits, meanwhile, feature such designs as Baroque, black-and-white medallions surrounding a circular mirror embellishment; Des Fleurs, four pretty pretty pink-and-white flowers with lime-green stems and gem embellishments; Love Birds, a tan-and-cream tree with flowers, birds and limbs shaped in a heart comes in four square sheets; Sitting In a Tree, colorful, whimsical tree limbs with birds perched on them; plus many other styles including silhouettes, damasks, peace motifs, light-hearted florals, black & white Jacobeans, whimsical trees and modern shapes.

Get Organized With Dry-Erase Calendars

Apart from electronic reminders on a phone, computer or other device, keep yourself on schedule this school year while also showing some flair.  Easily write reminders and notes to friends on colorful dry-erase boards and calendars placed on desks, walls and even doors.  WallPops Dry Erase collection is offered in five formats including 13-by-18-inch WallPops Dry Erase Boards, 13-by-18-inch Monthly Calendars, Four-Piece Calendar Sets offering four 13-by-13-inch at-a-glance calendars, Dot Packs that contain three circles that are 13 inches in diameter and Weekly Dry Erase Dot Packs that include eight 6-inch Dry Erase Dots—one for each for each day of the week and an extra Dot for notes. All Four-Piece Calendar Sets are approximately $19.99 per pack, the rest are approximately $12.99 to $19.99 each.  

altThe Dry Erase Four-Piece Calendar Sets come in such styles as Chroma, a retro geometric square with a connected circle inside of it, with the four sheets coming in bright green, orange, pink and teal; Jack, a modern rendition of the British flag in four sheets that are red-and-pink, yellow-and-blue, teal-and-blue and orange-and-blue; and Zinnia, featuring three large flowers that pop up from the corner of the calendar, with each sheet offering the flowers in different colors including hot pink, orange, light pink and purple

Weekly Dry Erase Dot Packs come in two variations: Apps, featuring a Dot for each day of the week and an additional Dot for notes that includes different pop art like images on each such as an envelope for Monday, a phone for Tuesday and a sun for Friday; and  Holiday, which includes varied global city trademarks on each Dot such as the Eiffel Tower for Sunday, Statue of Liberty for Thursday and the Taj Mahal for Friday

By adding these elements to a room, you can go from dull and basic to dramatic and stunning without spending a lot of time or money.

WallPops collections are available at select retailers nationwide and online at the company's website.


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