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Olympics Inspire Russian Décor

The 2014 Olympics in Sochi have put the spotlight on Russia. Russian inspirations for wallpaper, fabric and furniture can bring an amazing ambiance to your home.

Gray Matters

Life is never simply black and white, so home furnishing designers are exploring gray in all its chameleon-like versatility. More livable than black and more elegant than taupe, gray—from charcoal to silver to dove—offers more than 50 shades by some estimates. Whether lending gravitas to pastels, strengthening the sophistication of navy and chocolate, or grounding red’s richness and yellow’s cheery optimism, gray matters.

It's the Economy!

Designer Scott Bodenner from Chella Luxury Performance Textiles talks trends and influences for the fabric market.

Halloween Decor With a Sophisticated Twist

Halloween decor is usually pumpkins and skeletons, with maybe a few bats thrown in, right? Dunn-Edwards' color expert explains that it can be so much more.

Creating A Nursery Fit for a Royal

While the English celebrate the arrival of their new baby prince, many of us stateside have our own princesses and princes to plan for, which more than likely entails creating a nursery that makes our wee ones feel snug and happy, and us comfortable, tranquil and able to care for them with skill and dexterity. (Article provided by Hunter Douglas Window Fashions)

Testing a Moss and Mildew Remover

Two years ago in my blog for, I wrote a piece about products designed to tackle moss, mold and mildew. After receiving a press release from the company, I featured Wet & Forget as part of that product line-up. Wet & Forget, when applied in the right water-to-product ratio and in the right weather conditions, claims to work with Mother Nature over time to eradicate moss, mold and grime. Earlier this year I decided to put Wet & Forget to the test in extreme conditions: in the soggy Pacific Northwest where I live.—by Tammy Adamson-McMullen

Send Your Kids to Their Room ... To Help Decorate

Summer vacation is here! Time for your kids to set aside their books and pick up a paintbrush to give their rooms a fresh new look.

Top 10 Steps to Prepare for a Remodel

The National Association of Remodeling Industry provides homeowners with 10 tips to prepare for their home remodel.

Yellow Most Popular Paint Color Worldwide

While colors like tangerine and peacock have been named the top home fashion colors for the last two years, the preferred paint color worldwide is a totally different hue. Yellow may not make your list of all-time favorite colors; however, when it comes to paint, the color is the No. 1 choice worldwide.

End of Winter is a Great Time for Interior Painting

The end of winter, with its fluctuating temps and precipitation,is a great time for interior painting. Here are some prep tips to get you started ...

YDR Top 10 Stories of 2012

Over the past 12 months, it's been Your Decorating Resource's pleasure to bring you articles on a wide range of home decorating topics. Click through to read our "Top 10" most viewed posts of 2012.

Pantone Color of the Year Shines

Now that Pantone has selected Emerald as its Color of the Year for 2013, there will no doubt be great interest in using this bright jewel tone in the home.

Holiday Wreaths: Decking the Halls, Doors, Gates and Entryways

One of the most gracious ways to deck out a home for the holidays is with a wreath—to dress the door, bring a festive flavor to the kitchen, or add flair to the entryway or gate. Creekside Farms' wreaths are made from fresh holiday greens, such as fir, pine and cedar as well as from eucalyptus leaves, hydrangeas, magnolia and California bay and olive.

Festive Decor for Windows & Doors

Designer David Bromstad, known for his appearances on HGTV, provides tips for decorating windows and doors during this holiday season.

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