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Pricing a Project

Do you find pricing a project perplexing? Mike and Mickie give you the lowdown on how to do it right!

IDAL Heads to High Point, N.C.
High Point, N.C., with its world-renowned home-furnishings market, has long been associated with decorative fashion and cutting-edge design. It seems natural, then, that the International Decorative Artists League (IDAL) should be heading there for its 2017 national convention—and at the same time as the autumn High Point Furniture Market.

Time to Freshen Up Your Social Media?

Has it been a while since you've reviewed what you're doing with social media? Then now is a good time to do it! Here are some tips for freshening up your social media presence.

Art In the City

Murals add so much to an urban landscape! They beautify the cities in which they are placed, correct structural problems, deter blight and so much more. We take a look at a few notable examples.

How to Succeed in the Restoration Market

Decorative artist Natalie E. Tackett has found success in the restoration market. In this Artist Q&A, she tells us how she became involved in restoration, how she markets her services and some of the keys to her success.

The Business Side of Your Art

You may be a talented artist, but don't underestimate the importance of being a good businessperson.

New Study Predicts Growth of Faux Finishes

Faux finishes are a growing market, but the market is growing much faster than you might have expected. In fact, the market in less than 10 years is expected to grow by nearly 75 percent.

Salon NYC 2017 Shows Art Deco Flair 

Decorative artists embrace the Art Deco theme at Salon NYC 2017, which took place April 13 through 16 in midtown Manhattan.

Soft Metallics Are Among Trends for 2017

In 2017, expect continued use of soft metallics and Venetian plaster as well as use of feature walls and techniques rendered in horizontal bands.

Worried About "the Other Guy"?

Mike and Mickie talk about what to do if another muralist comes in and undercuts your price.

Fair Compensation

Mike & Mickie discuss how much work you should do before you actually get compensated.

Crocodile Effect

Elena Geil is known for her luxurious, one-of-a-kind finishes. One of her favorite projects of late resulted in what she calls a “crocodile effect.”

Experimental Faux

Elena Geil’s willingness to try new techniques has made her a premier decorative artist in San Antonio, with incredibly creative and luxurious finishes to her credit.

Kicking It into High Gear

When Pat Gehrman was commissioned to paint a mural for a trendy restaurant in Omaha, the gears started turning—both figuratively and literally. The finished piece is a larger-than-life 3D depiction of Steampunk.

Morally and Ethically Speaking

Mike & Mickie describe what to do if a client wants you to do something that is unprofessional and/or against your morals and ethics?

I'm Tellin' Ya, We Get No Respect

Here is a question that has bugged Mike & Mickie for decades: Why is mural work so undervalued?

Tony Stafki, Twin Cities Muralist

You’ve heard the saying “Go big or go home”? Muralist Tony Stafki definitely goes big, creating large-scale murals that make a huge impact in homes and businesses throughout the Twin Cities area.

Community Mural Project Beautifies a Tunnel

There’s nothing like a community art project to make the people of a municipality feel bound together by a sense of pride and accomplishment. In Shakopee, Minn., such a project came to fruition under the guidance of muralist Tony Stafki, whose business is Wall Art by Tony in the Twin Cities.

IDAL: 2016 Was Educational Highlight

The 2016 convention of the International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL), Sept. 25 through 29 in San Diego, was an educational highlight for the group, which continues to draw raves on social media.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Mural?

There are so many variables when it comes to painting murals. Mike & Mickie describe which variables you should look at when deciding what type of paint to use.

Kris DuFaux Discovered the Truest Joy of Creating Art

As the world braced for a potential Y2K crisis, Kris Henderson-DuFaux decided to follow her dream to become a decorative artist and has never looked back.

A Resort Fit for Doggie Royalty

Barkingham Palace, Beverly Tails, Barkenridge Mountain Lodge—those are just a few of the unique resort-like suites that Kris Henderson-DuFaux and Steve DuFaux created for a dog training and lodging facility.

Faux Finisher Breaks World Record

It almost sounds like the set-up for a joke: What do you get when you take 332 guests, an equal number of chairs and hundreds of jars of paint? In this case, though, the answer isn’t a punchline but a Guinness World Book record-setter!

How Long Does It Take to Design and Paint a Mural?

Believe it or not, some clients do ask the above question. "Seriously?" Mike and Mickie ask. You might as well ask, "How long does it take to design and build a house?"

Burning Man Sparks the Flame of Creativity for San Diego Artist

Accomplished decorative painting artist and sculptor Vulfie Munson brought an impressive Renaissance-inspired sculpture to the famous Burning Man event.

In Her Lane

Decorative artist Eddie Manzanares knows how to work with others on a project for their mutual success. The key? Give everyone enough driving room.

Eddie’s Spanish Colonial

Decorative artist Eddie Manzanares took a new home construction in the Rocky Mountains all the way to the Andalusian Plains.

Salon 2017 Goes Art Deco in NYC

For the first time in its more than 20-year history, the International Decorative Arts Show known as Salon is making its way to the Big Apple.

Five Things to Do When Business is Slow

We've all had those days—and sometimes those weeks!—when a lull in the action leaves us a little bit bereft of something to do. Here are some ways to fill the time.

A Master of Transitions

Atlanta-based artist Henri Menendez focuses on productivity and efficiency to build a lucrative business in the area of cabinet finishing.