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Color Selection Just Got Easier

Innovative Solutions Introduced as Part of Brand’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

With studies showing that mix and matching colors is the No. 1 home decorating challenge, Sico® paint brand has launched several new color tools to make the color selection process simpler.

From a leading-edge in-store color display to unique online technologies and an iPhone® application, the Sico brand’s solutions help consumers make easier color choices no matter where they are—in a paint store, at home or on the go.

Long known as a color authority in the paint industry, Sico paint launched the tools as part of its 75th anniversary celebration, says Mylène Gévry, brand director for AkzoNobel, makers of Sico paint, which has grown from a two-person Quebec-based venture when it began in 1937 to one of the country’s leading paint brands today.

“Feedback from focus groups we conducted with consumers nationally reinforces that while people tend to know roughly what color they like for a room, most are unsure of how to combine that color with others to complete the décor,” Gévry explains.

In-store color display
The new, eye-catching in-store color display has an aesthetically-appealing modern, glossy white backdrop  to place maximum emphasis on the colors themselves. With over-sized, color-graduated paint chips that showcase 1,053 colors, the display has special lighting on each row to provide an accurate color reading as well as brand new color cards that feature actual paint chips rather than printed hues to provide more exact color representations.

Online tools
Sico’s new Colour FinderTM application is unique in that it calibrates color to provide users with the best possible color match. In three easy steps, the tool creates a personalized color scheme around a particular item, such as a sofa, carpet or curtains.

Users simply place a unique color frame—a cardboard frame bordered with color pixels and available free of charge at any participating Sico paint retailer—on the item, take a photo and upload the photo to the Sico paint website at The ColourFinder then calibrates the photo to provide the nearest Sico color and offers a choice of color schemes to go with that shade.

The Sico Deco Colour Lab™ is another free online decorating tool, available for downloading on the Sico paint website, that enables users to upload a photo of their own and experiment with different paint colors—on walls, ceilings, trim and even furniture and accessories—all from the comfort of their home.

Drawing from more than 1,800 Sico paint colors, the easy-to-use tool provides recommended color schemes, as well as a print-out of color choices and quantity of paint needed.

iPhone application

The Sico Colour Lab™ is a free iPhone application for paint selection that lets people choose colors on the go for their home décor.

Spotting a color they like, the new tool allows users to simply point their iPhone over any object or image, from fabric to photos to rocks and leaves. Then they simply click and presto!—a replica of the color appears on the screen. The application then identifies the corresponding paint color from the Sico paint collection and even suggests potential color schemes to go with it.

By using these tools, Gévry says users “can rest assured that the colors they’ve selected for their walls and trim go together and coordinate with the furniture and accessories in their living space, before committing to a project.” 

For a first-hand look at Sico paint’s new in-store color display, visit a Sico paint retailer near you. To try out Sico paint’s new online color selection tools or iPhone application, visit


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