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Cool Products
Rubber Duckie and Friends™

Rubber Duckie and Friends™ from ConservCo are adorable, gentle-flow, handheld shower heads for children that are designed to make bath time safe and fun for kids of all ages. Because Rubber Duckie & Friends™ bath accessories look like bath toys, kids actually want to take a bath.

South Beach Stripes

When it comes to bold outdoor furnishings, the stripes from Source Outdoor's new South Beach Collection make a memorable statement.

Air-Purifying Hardwood Floor is First of its Kind

A new product recently launched on the North American market makes living spaces healthier from the ground up—literally.

New Concrete Toner from the DRYLOK® Brand

DRYLOK Concrete Toner from United Gilsonite Laboratories is designed as a concrete tone coat to even out discolorations, stains and blotches with ease.

UGL Develops First Clear Masonry Waterproofer

United Gilsonite has introduced DRYLOK Clear Masonry Waterproofer, the alternative coating to traditional pigmented waterproofing systems.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Thanks to products from, your hardwood floors' safety and appearance will not be compromised by wires, cords and cables that run across the surface.

Hunter Douglas App Lets You Take Control

Take control—of your window coverings, that is—with a state-of-the-art app from Hunter Douglas that is easily accessible from your Apple mobile device.

Ocean-Inspired Pillows

Perfect for summer, Peking Handicraft's 2013 collection offers a beautiful selection of nautically inspired and coast-themed pillows that bring a fun touch of the sea indoors.

New Hardwood is Engineered with a 'Natural' Finish

Craftwood is Terra Legno’s newest product to join the Fumatto Collection. Ideal for residential or commercial spaces, this resilient flooring option features a rich brown, engineered hardwood material, promising to add warmth and a natural finish to any area, large or small.

With an oil finish, Craftwood has a thickness of 9/16 inches, a width of 5 inches, a micro bevel edge style and ranks 1360 in the Janka Hardness Scale. The shade variance on this product is low to medium, and the color change when exposed to light over time is low.

The Fumatto Collection overall is durable, easy to clean and can be professionally installed using glue down or staple methods.

Terra Legno’s engineered wood flooring products have the beauty of wood, with the strength and stability that comes from decades of research and technology. In addition, all of Terra Legno’s products are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, guaranteeing their products are engineered using sustainable methods.

For details on the Fumatto Collection, visit Terra Legno's website.

Gabriel John’s Eco-Friendly Candles

Add luxury to everyday living with Gabriel John Candles, an eco-friendly boutique manufacturer of beautifully handmade, artisan candles. Sophisticated yet simple, this next generation of candles will instantly transform any room into an inviting place for family and loved ones.

Art Glass: Not Just for the Elite

There's nothing like art glass to add sparkle to a home. Art glass can be a huge investment, but it doesn't have to be, according to the makers of Kitras Art Glass.

Ceiling Fan with LED Light Module

An award-winning ceiling fan now lights up a room even more with the the addition of a new, patent-pending LED light module.

Not-So-Ordinary Products

Call them fun and fanciful or wild and whimsical. Either way, they'll make your room a standout! Here are some of our favorite not-so-ordinary products ...

New Patterns from Imagine Tile

The new Jacquard Collection, featuring two patterns in porcelain tile, and a new Wine Corks pattern, offered as ceramic tile, are the latest offerings from Imagine Tile.

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