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  • Remodeling Tips from NARI

    June 11, 2011 There's no question that lower property values caused by the housing crisis have given homeowners a reason to pause before considering a home improvement project. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has just...
  • Color Can Be Like Fine Dining

    From Donna Frasca, interior designer and color specialist in Charlotte, N.C., describing her Color Recipes: "When you dine at a restaurant you order your meal from a menu. From the main course of filet mignon right down to your dessert, your meal is p...
  • It's Good To Be Green

    From Kate Smith, color expert, author, speaker and CEO of Sensational Color: "Living in harmony with the planet and all its elements is no longer viewed as a future goal but as a way of life today. Being 'green' has become mainstream and has spurred a ...
  • Neutrals With Some Punch

    From Nan Kornfeld, architectural color specialist: "In my estimation, grays and taupes are being driven by two factors. One is that these kinds of colors, especially when made as full-spectrum formulas and not completely neutralized, reflect our percepti...
  • It's Spring! A Perfect Time for Decorating

    Spring—that time when Mother Nature adds splashes of tulip red, hyacinth blue, primrose pink and daffodil yellow to the landscape—is an ideal time for homeowners to think about color, too. — By Tammy Adamson-McMullen ...


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